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English/Arabic Interpreting


When a situation arises which requires a face-to-face meeting between you and your non-English speaking client, our interpreters are available to provide you with on-site language interpretation services.

Situations that may require use of our interpreting service are:

  • International Business Conferences
  • Business Negotiations
  • Scientific and Medical Seminars
  • Technical Meetings
  • Corporate Conventions
  • Cultural Reviews
  • Escorting Arab Businessmen and Tourists
  • Telephone Conferencing

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Modern Arabic Dialects

In the vast area where Arabic is spoken, various dialects or colloquial forms have developed. These dialects of Arabic are the mother tongues of all native speakers of Arabic. The main dialects in the Arab world are Gulf/Iraqi, Egyptian/Sudanese, Syrian, and Maghrebi.

The language of written and read media is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is widely understood everywhere in the Arab world.

We also offer our interpreting services for:

  • Social Service Intake Interviews
  • Judicial Hearings
  • Emergency Medical Situations
  • Closing Mortgage and Real Estate Transactions
  • Criminal Site Investigations

We also offer translations of:

• Legal Contracts

• Proposals

• Presentations

• Prospectuses

*Our native Arabic interpreters do understand most of the Arabic dialects and use MSA when needed.

Business Meeting

We are highly experienced in interpreting for high-level conferences, business meetings, corporate conventions, scientific/technical seminars, investors' negotiations, depositions, and immigration interviews.

We offer experienced English/Arabic interpreters who can travel to your location and help you communicate with Arabic-speaking clients, individuals, investors, and visitors.

All of our interpreters are highly educated and have been living in the U.S. for a long time besides their long-time residence and travel in many Arab countries.